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Formed in 2018 by guitarist Arndt Worbis. The music is characterized by a journey through different genres of the last decades. Elements of Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin and Pop are combined with modern beat-aesthetics. Despite of all the individual musical sophistication, catchy melodies, danceable rhythms and atmospheric density are always in the centre of each title. 

Arndt Worbis - guitars

Jürgen Heller - saxophones

Björn Grote - basses

Markus Passlick - percussions

Paul-Alexander Schulte - drums

Arndt Worbis uses CoMaxx Pro Combo-Maximizers.

Paul-Alexander Schulte plays cymbals from Paiste.

Markus Passlick plays instruments from Latin Percussion, Schlagwerk, Sabian and Remo.

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