11 NOVEMBER 2022

"Along with the increasing spread of the coronavirus and the associated restrictions, the songwriting for this album began in March 2020. What initially started out as a pastime-project in a period of non-performance, developed into a serious full-time work. This album is the result of a more than two-year- process.

I´m very happy and thankfull for gaining good friends and some of the finest musicians to support this ambitious project with their motivation, creativity

and musicality." [Arndt Worbis | 2022]


1. Sundance Vibrations

2. Drippin´

3.The Legal Shift

4. Métro

5. Funky Point

6. 7th Heaven

7. Sad And Blue

8. Nightcrawling

9. Mister Breeze

10. Smooth Jam

11. No One Like You

No Substituion - Sundance Vibrations.jpg

Arndt Worbis - guitars, programming

Jürgen Heller - saxophones

Björn Grote - basses

Markus Passlick - percussions

Paul-Alexander Schulte - drums


Bene Aperdannier - keys

Christian Kappe - trumpet

Klaus Heimann - trumpet

Stephan J. Schulze - trombone

Friedemann Kühn - drums

All songs written and arranged by Arndt Worbis. Produced by Arndt Worbis and Paul-Alexander Schulte. Recorded at Arise-Studios/ Hamm. Edited by Sascha Walendy and Ole Obering. Mixed by Sascha Walendy, Paul-Alexander Schulte and Arndt Worbis. Mastered by Detlef Quast. Photos and Artwork by Manfred Pollert. 

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