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A beautiful CD that reaches me from an unexpected and unknown angle. Perfect for a sunny day. Proof that beautiful music is universal [...]

Patrick Van de Wiele




1. Sundance Vibrations

2. Drippin´

3.The Legal Shift

4. Métro

5. Funky Point

6. 7th Heaven

7. Sad And Blue

8. Nightcrawling

9. Mister Breeze

10. Smooth Jam

11. No One Like You

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Arndt Worbis - guitars, programming

Jürgen Heller - saxophones

Björn Grote - basses

Markus Passlick - percussions

Paul-Alexander Schulte - drums


Bene Aperdannier - keys

Christian Kappe - trumpet

Klaus Heimann - trumpet

Stephan J. Schulze - trombone

Friedemann Kühn - drums

All songs written and arranged by Arndt Worbis. Produced by Arndt Worbis and Paul-Alexander Schulte. Recorded at Arise-Studios/ Hamm. Edited by Sascha Walendy and Ole Obering. Mixed by Sascha Walendy, Paul-Alexander Schulte and Arndt Worbis. Mastered by Detlef Quast. Photos and Artwork by Manfred Pollert. 



"The CD opens with the beautiful mid-tempo title track, which reminds me a bit of the Icelandic band Mezzoforte. 'Drippin'' sounds a bit more funky, after which 'The Legal Shift' is an up-tempo “feel good” track. The quiet 'Métro' reminds me again a bit of Mezzoforte, followed by the swinging funk of 'Funky Point'.

Then we go to the seventh heaven on the tones of the mid-tempo track '7th Heaven', and a bluesy atmosphere is in order on 'Sad and Blue'. On the tones of 'Nightcrawling' you hear a nylon string guitar, and after the intro 'Mister Breeze' blares cheerfully through the speakers. 'Smooth Jam' is exactly as the title indicates, a relaxed jazz track, and the melancholy sounding 'No One Like You' closes.

A beautiful CD that reaches me from an unexpected and unknown angle. Perfect for a sunny day. Proof that beautiful music is universal, and this CD therefore deserves more fame. I would like to contribute to that!"

Patrick Van de Wiele/ Belgium, CULTUURMANIA // smoothjazzdaily

"In fact [NOSUBSTITUTION] stands for an exciting but relaxed jazz, it's not for nothing that some tracks on the album have titles like Smooth Jam or Drippin'. [...] The eleven songs on the album [...] are all between five and seven minutes long, giving the musicians plenty of room to underline their skills - regardless of whether it's Worbis' melodic guitar playing, Grote's powerful bass, the sometimes driving and often pleasantly restrained drumming of Schulte, paired with Passlick's percussion perfection, or the precisely fitting accents of the horns."

Holger Krah, Westfälischer Anzeiger

"A sensational album!"

Paul "Toothpicks" Coory, Smoothjazz.Melbourne


"As the title suggests, there is a lot of sun-drenched, danceable music here on the border of jazz, funk, Latin, pop and R&B that is fun, full of original sounds, interesting arrangements and solo parts."

Jacek Brun,

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